Company Information

Schiphol International

Strategic Co-operation
In April 2004 Aruba Airport Authority has entered into a Strategic Co-operation Agreement with Schiphol International. Schiphol International is the division responsible for international activities at the Schiphol Group, owner and manager of amongst others Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. 
The Strategic Co-operation between the Aruba Airport Authority and Schiphol Group will focus on making maximum use of Reina Beatrix International Airport’s commercial potential, to strengthen its financial position and to assist the airport in further developing the facilities on and around the airport, in order to develop Reina Beatrix International Airport into one of the leading airports in the Caribbean.

The purpose of Aruba Airport:

Aruba Airport’s purpose is to connect Aruba to the world in order to facilitate prosperity and promote the well-being for the country and its citizens. We carry-out our responsibility of operating Aruba’s primary gateway in a responsible and disciplined manner, and in doing so reflect our shared values of reliability, efficiency, integrity, commitment to quality, hospitality, respect, and teamwork
Strategic Imperatives

  • To realize and unlock the potential of people power, and to recognize that learning and development are keys to our enduring success
  • To make a first and last impression on visitors that represents Aruba’s culture, values, and promotes continued growth in the island’s tourism ambitions.
  • To assure the safe, secure, reliable, and efficient operation of the national airport of Aruba.
  • To effectively translate the strategic plan of the island into short and long-term strategies for the airport.
  • To be a socially and environmentally responsible member of the community   
  • To orchestrate the airport processes, together with our partners, with the highest levels of professionalism and ethical principles.