Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix

As per article 12, first paragraph of the Aviation Decree (Luchtvaartverordening (1989 No. GT. 58), as amended, a concession has been granted to the limited liability company established in Aruba, the Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) to manage and operate the airport premises located at Wayaca, for a period of 20 years starting July 19, 1996.
Taking this responsibility into account, the management of AAA N.V. has established the following House Rules and Regulations to procure for the enhancement of the safety, security and efficiency of the daily operations at the airport.
Chapter I Scope and operation
Article 1 Applicability and responsibilities
  1. These rules and regulations are applicable to all airport premises which are accessible to passengers and the public in so far as this falls under the concession granted to AAA (the “Airport Premises”). Anyone located within the Airport Premises is presumed to know the content of these rules and regulations and to agree herewith.
2. Anyone located within the Airport Premises is obligated to:
  1. behave according to the articles of these rules and regulations;
  2. heed the instructions given by or in name of AAA by means of verbal instructions, gestures or signs;
  3. provide information requested by AAA.
Article 2 Own risk
Entering the Airport Premises occurs at one’s own risk.
Chapter II General codes of conduct
Article 3 Safety
Within the Airport Premises it is prohibited to:
  1. participate in an agglomeration, to unnecessarily solicit, to molest others in a group or alone, to fight or to disrupt the order in any other form.
  2. carry items which based on the circumstances make it plausible that this item is carried to disrupt the order, to damage other items or to cause harm to other persons.
  3. organize an event that causes a public crowd to agglomerate, or to find oneself in any event by means of which disorderly actions arise or could threaten to arise. Everyone is obligated to proceed in leaving the area on the instruction as such by AAA or to proceed in the direction indicated by AAA.
  4. go into or to locate oneself in those areas of the Airport Premises that have been closed off by or because of AAA.
  5. misuse the airport provisions or to use the airport provisions on a time that these are not meant for use, or to use these provisions in another form than what these provisions are meant for.
  6. to Block, or to make unusual in any sense, emergency exits or other provisions which are meant to be used as escape routes or to facilitate escape in case of emergencies;
  7. consume alcoholic beverages outside of the food and beverage outlets designated here for in case this causes disruption according AAA’s judgment to other users of the Airport Premises.
  8. bring animals into the terminal facilities (except for those animals that will be or are being transported by an airline).
  9. Use obscene language, to cause noise nuisance or to exhibit other type of offensive behavior.
Article 4 Advertisement, speeches, collections 
On the Airport premises, without prior written approval of the AAA, it is prohibited to:
  1. post, place or have placed advertisements, posters, etc. and to distribute or cause to distribute flyers, brochures, printed materials, memo’s or pictures or to conduct any other form of advertisement;
  2. conduct public speeches or to perform any other type of act of propaganda;
  3. conduct any type of public collection activities;
  4. hold or organize events and/or entertainment, gatherings and/or demonstrations.
Article 5 Commercial activities
On the Airport Premises it is prohibited to perform commercial activities without the prior written permission here for of AAA. .
Article 6 Making of pictures- recordings of video and film
  1. Within the Airport Premises it is not allowed to take pictures to make video and or film recordings, other than for private use, without the prior written permission of AAA.
  2. The permission granted by AAA as meant above can be subject to further requirements.
Article7 Lost and unattended items that have been left behind
AAA and the finder have the following obligations:
  1. The finder of an item is obligated to report this as soon as possible to the Head Security Officer of AAA.
  2. AAA has the right to sell or to dispose of for its own account items that have been left behind and unattended and that have not been claimed within a term of 3 months.
c. For the remainder the Lost & Found Procedures of AAA are applicable.
Article 8 Parking
a. Parking at the airport is performed at one’s own risk.
b. Parking has to be performed within those areas indicated as vehicle parking spaces or areas.
c. On the premises in front of the terminal a parking prohibition is applicable. Drivers are only allowed to have passengers get in or out of the vehicle or to load and unload baggage from the vehicle within these areas. In all other instances the driver has to park its vehicle in the under b. mentioned parking spaces or areas. Vehicles of drivers that do not adhere to the aforementioned regulations will be towed away on the risk and account of driver c.q. owner of the vehicle.
d. Taxi drivers are allowed to park within the specially designated parking areas to await their passengers that have to be transported, without any further verbal or written conditions and indications here for, under the condition that they remain within their taxi cq bus.
e. The unloading and delivery of goods for companies that have a concession and or lease agreement with AAA is only allowed with the permission f AAA. AAA can attain further requirements to this approval.

Article 9 Smoking
Smoking and/or vaping inside the airport terminal buildings is not allowed.
Article 10 Dwelling
1. It is not allowed to agglomerate in groups on the Airport Premises without the prior permission here for from AAA.
2. It is not allowed to use roller skates, to skate, to skate board or to step within the Airport Premises.
3. It is not allowed to lie down on, or to continuously hang around the Airport Premises. It is also not allowed to overnight within the Airport premises without the prior permission of the Managing Director of AAA.
Chapter III Liability 
Article 11 Liability
1. AAA can only be held liable for direct damage and/or personnel harm caused within the Airport Premises as a result of malicious intent and/or gross negligence caused by AAA.
2. AAA will be not be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the fact that an accommodation or handling facility, in whole or in part, could not be made available.
3. The person causing damage to AAA by means of his/her handling or negligence to handle will be held completely responsible here for towards AAA.