Leadership Team

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) is the company that operates Queen Beatrix International Airport. The AAA staff of over 200 employees is led guided and supervised by the following managers that form the Executive and Leadership Team:

Joost Meijs - Chief Executive Officer

Joost Meijs holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Economic Faculty at the University of Groningen. As an experienced Chief Executive Officer with more than 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions, in mostly commercial and general management roles, he is skilled in (non) executive (statutory) board positions. Joost is a strong strategic and system thinker driving sustainable and social-responsible growth in (non)financial key performance indicators.

He believes that strong companies need to be built on the principle of trust, where employees feel engaged and respected, and with a strong focus on innovation and long-term horizons. He advocates open collaboration between colleagues and external stakeholders and maximizes the added value of companies for the community.

Jürgen R. Benschop - Chief Operations Officer

Jürgen R. Benschop holds a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Business Administration from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, and has a Private Pilot License with Multi-Engine

Jürgen is a critical thinker and problem solver with a strong operational background. Jürgen is responsible for the capacity planning and negotiation of slots with the airlines to guarantee optimal use of the available infrastructure and resources, as well as the safe and efficient operation of our FBO terminal focusing on high service standards for our demanding clients.

Jürgen believes that collaboration with internal and external teams, authorities and service providers is of the utmost importance for the streamlining of the airport’s operational ecosystem to ensure compliance to our Aerodrome Certification and efficient processes for all our airport users.

Barbara J.E. Brown - Chief Revenue Development & Communications Officer

Barbara J.E. Brown is the Chief Revenue Development & Communications Officer at Aruba Airport Authority N.V. responsible for the strategy and business results in areas such as aviation business development, concession & commercial management, customer service, branding & marketing, communications, and consumer intelligence insights. This includes and is not limited to increasing aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues of AAA whilst meeting strategic business objectives as determined in the overall corporate strategy of AAA.

Mrs. Brown obtained her bachelor’s degree e in Economic Linguistics (Commercial Economics combined with Cultural Business and Language skills) at the Hogeschool of Arnhem in 1996. She joined Aruba Airport Authority N.V. in 1997 as a Commercial Analyst. After 4 years of service Mrs. Brown was appointed as Commerce Manager managing all commercial activities at the airport. In 2007 she was appointed the position of Business Unit Manager Terminal which included the airport’s airline marketing, the commercial part of the airport business, and the landside and terminal operation activities. Ever since 2015 she was appointed as Chief Commercial Officer responsible for the business areas that she now manages as Chief Revenue Development & Communications Officer.

Aisha M. Anthony - Chief Financial Officer

Aisha M. Anthony holds a Certified Public Accountant’s License and has a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the Florida International University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida.

Aisha is a result driven and systems thinker with a strong financial and accounting background and played a key role in initiating the company’s strategy. She participates with courageous authenticity in BOSD and Leadership Team discussions. Aisha is responsible within the company for the Accounting, Finance, Treasury, Planning & Control, Payroll, Risk Management, Insurance and Compliance, as well as introducing Business Intelligence in 2023. Aisha’s emphasis on sustainability reflects her dedication to incorporating environmental, social, and governance considerations into the company’s reports, policies and procedures, while also being focused to streamlining and making them more efficient in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams.

Gilbert Rafael - Chief Development & Technology Officer

Gilbert Rafael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from HAN University of Applied Sciences. 

Gilbert serves as the Chief of Development and Technology Officer at the Aruba Airport Authority since 2019, is a seasoned project management and business optimization professional with Lean Green Belt certification. Formerly a Business Architect at the Central Bank of Aruba, he streamlined operations and integrated systems. 

Gilbert’s visionary leadership fosters innovation, aligns teams with strategic goals and bridges the gap between business and technology. His commitment to ethical standards and talent empowerment sets a high bar for integrity. With a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and numerous certifications, Gilbert leverages technical trends to propel our organization forward. Under his leadership, we are poised to embrace aviation’s future with cutting-edge technology, solidifying our world-class airport status.

Angeline Flemming - Director Health, Safety and Sustainability

Angeline Flemming completed her studies in Law Enforcement Management at Nederlandse Politie Academie. Additionally, she holds a Diploma in Management from Henley Management College Curaçao.

Angeline is a self-motivated leader, with extensive track record in various leadership roles in the public and private sector. As AAA’s liaison for local and international entities, Angeline advises on key security and safety risks and assists in major investigations. As AAA’s COVID crisis leader, Angeline successfully led the Airport closing and reopening strategies in 2020. In 2021, Angeline was appointed to lead AAA’s Sustainability journey, and through her passion and commitment towards conducting corporate socially responsible business, she helped make Aruba Airport a true pioneer in the region on sustainability, achieving ACA Level 3 status, as the first airport in the Dutch Caribbean region, as well as the first airport in the world to achieve Green Globe certification. Several of Angeline’s projects promoting the UN SDGs are presented yearly by the Government of Aruba during the UN Assembly in New York. 

As a dedicated mentor, Angeline seeks to continuously inspire and guide many of the younger colleagues and/or potential leaders, with her knowledge, experience, and drive.

Solange Dooper - Director Human Resources

Solange holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from the Hogeschool van Utrecht in the Netherlands. 

Solange is a solution-oriented business partner with experience in the Human Resources Management areas. She passionately understands that human resources is a driving force behind an organization’s journey towards its strategic goals. To her, the heart of any company lies in its people, and she believes in nurturing that essence. In her role as Director, Solange embraces a profound sense of accountability and takes on the responsibility for guiding AAA’s people-centric vision and shaping the Human Resources function. Her unwavering commitment extends to influencing AAA’s corporate culture, driven by the overarching objective of fostering an inspiring, positive, and productive work environment, where the organization’s success is intrinsically intertwined with the well-being and growth of its people.