Passenger Facility Charge

  • Passengers to all destinations  USD 23.00 per enplaned passenger
  • Passengers to Bonaire USD 8.75 per enplaned passenger

Security Surcharge

  •  Passengers to all destinations USD 3.00 per enplaned passenger

General Usage Charge

  • Passengers to all destinations USD  8.25 per enplaned passenger

Special Facility Charge

  • Passengers making use of the US pre-clearance facilities and/or services USD 3.25 per enplaned passenger

Transfer Charge

  • Passengers transferring to non-US destinations USD 3.00 per enplaned passenger

Aircraft parked on any part of the airport premises without a current Certificate of Airworthiness or current Maintenance Release granted by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)  USD  25.00 per day that the derelict aircraft is parked in the airport premises after 90 days notice of removal

Overstay Charge (Effective June 1, 2011)

Aircraft that are being overhauled and reconstructed and which is parked at a designated location with the approval of AAA for a specific period USD 0.25 per kilogram tons of MTOW

Landing Fee
USD 2.74 per kilogram ton of MTOW (minimum charge USD 5.65)

Parking Fee

  • First day (24 hours) - USD 0.54 per kilogram ton of MTOW (no charge if less than 2 hours)
  • Additional days (24-hour periods)  - USD 0.27 per ton of MTOW per day

Note:  When paying in Aruban Florins, all above charges are converted AWG 1.79 = US$ 1.00

For detailed information on the applicability of the above fees and charges, on exemptions and on payment procedures, please refer to the Airport Charges Regulations.

Download the Air Service Incentive Program here