Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix has one runway, able to operate in two directions
(runway 11/29) for both take-off and landing.

Dimensions Runway 11:  9266 x 148 Feet (2808 x 45 Meters)

Dimensions Runway 29:  9052 x 148 Feet.(2743 x 45 Meters)
Surface:      Asphalted

Runway End Safety Areas of 90x90 Meters available for both runways. Runway 11 is a category 1, precision approach.

The parallel taxiway connects the main apron to the holding point of runway 11.

Dimensions:  75 Feet (23 Meters) wide.
Surface:      Asphalted

Main Apron
The main apron area contains:

  • 8 parking positions with boarding bridges
  • 8 remote parking positions (serviced by Apron busses)
  • Visual docking guidance system at 13 parking positions

Apron Management Unit
All ground movements on the airport are controlled by this unit. Apron management can be contacted on frequency 121.6.

Air Traffic Control
Air traffic control, both approach control
and aerodrome control, is provided by the Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba. ATC can be contacted on frequency 120.9.

Fire and Rescue
The airport’s fire and rescue station has state of the art vehicles and equipment conform ICAO level of protection 9.

Airport Terminal Building
The airport buildings provide a fully air-conditioned environment, with modern facilities, such as:

  • Moving escalators
  • Spacious Elevators
  • Flight & baggage Information System
  • Family Restrooms
  • Airport Medical Center