Cab fares

At your arrival taxis are ready to bring you to your destination. The current applicable taxi rates are as follows.

  • High Rise Hotels $25
  • Eagle Area Hotels $22
  • Low Rise Hotels $22
  • Aruba Beach Villas $30
  • Down Town Hotels $18
  • Talk of the Town $15
  • Malmok or Tierra del Sol $30
  • Sasaki Apartments $22
  • Quality Apartments $22
  • Sunshine Apartments $25
  • Harbor/Cruise Ship Terminal $21

* High Rise Hotels (Phoenix to Marriott Hotel)

* Eagle Area Hotels (Oceania to Amsterdam Manor)

* Low Rise Hotels (Dutch Village to La Quinta)

** All rides/fares are non-stop; diversions or stops could/will involve extra charges.

** An extra charge of $2.00 is in place for every additional piece of luggage, carry-on luggage not included.

** All other destination rates are specified in pricelist booklet available upon request at the dispatcher’s booth or with the taxi driver. 

All transfers are per taxi, not per person (maximum of five passengers).On official holidays and after midnight an additional charge to the regular rate is applicable. 

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Taxi Address Service (24h). 
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