Arrival Enhancement Project

After 5 months of outstanding teamwork and partnership:

“Airport Arrival Enhancement Project” completed

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) in the presence of the Minister of Justice Mr. Arthur Dowers together with IASA Director Mr. Gerald Vingal and other guests were very excited to officially open the revamped immigration arrival area at the airport: “This project is a good example of outstanding teamwork and partnership; Planning and executing a major renovation project in our immigration arrival hall, where every single arriving passenger must pass through has not been an easy task. But we did it” said proud AAA CEO Mr. James Fazio during his speech at the ceremony.

According to Mr. Fazio this project was completed with a collective can-do spirit and attitude from the entire airport community. A new terrazzo floor, transition ramp to baggage claim, new inspection booths, re-organization of the e-gates, all make for a brighter and friendlier environment, and as a final touch, several beautiful art pieces from local artist, Luis Alfonso Castano that make it unmistakable, that you have just arrived in Aruba. The airport’s total investment in this arrivals hall project and the recent renovations to the IASA departure areas total over 2 million florins. AAA believes these investments are well placed – and give the immigration service, and operations team better tools to manage the passenger flow and improve border security. “Our airport is the first and last impression of the island, and over 1 million visitors pass through this space each year, and no doubt, that figure will continue to grow in future years, and we’re quite proud of what has been accomplished here,” Mr. Fazio continued saying.

AAA is thankful to the Airport Development team, operations, IT, security, airline customers, passenger handling staff, border police, S and L Contractors, and especially to the IASA team who since September, has had to work with one third of the immigration hall closed for construction, with dust, re-routed passengers, and an overall inconvenience that comes along with any construction project of this scope - and through the entire process, they kept the operation going with a great attitude, never complained, and helped the airport get the “Airport Arrival Enhancement Project” over the finish line.