Aruba Airport - The future is bright

October 20, 2022

Aruba Airport - The future is bright

The World Routes event is the highlight of the year that provides a unique platform for route development professionals from both airports and airlines to discuss, develop and plan route strategy. This platform presents unlimited business and networking opportunities by bringing together the world’s leading airlines, airports, and tourism authorities, providing as such an efficient cost and time saving platform for organizations wishing to develop and expand their route networks. Aruba Airport was present to present the airport to more than 100 airlines and organizations.

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) attended the 27th World Routes Development Forum Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada recently where AAA was represented by Mrs. Barbara Brown, Chief Commercial Officer and Mrs. Jo-Anne Arends, Air Service Development Manager.

The conference also provided the opportunity to personally meet with several of the suppliers of Aruba Airport which support and form part of the various Air Service Development activities at the airport. The opportunities for building the current networks and presenting Aruba Airport to possible new business partners were numerous. The aviation sector is growing fast and will continue to grow. Aruba Airport had a total of 22 meetings spread over three concentrated business days of which 10 include new opportunities for AUA airlift out of Latin America, Canada, Europe and the US for the year 2023 and beyond.


The AAA team met with existing airline partners such as British Airways, KLM, American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Air lines, United, Avianca and Copa. Airlines are predominantly interested in launching or ramping up leisure routes, creating new exciting opportunities for Aruba e.g. Equair, Breeze, Azul and Flair Airlines.

“A more nimble and collaborative approach towards working with the airlines has born its fruits,” states AUA Air Service Development Manager Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends, noting the techniques to capture these opportunities entail exploring underlying competitive challenges that small airports face in retaining or enhancing commercial air service. “New data collection techniques in conjunction with historical global demand and industry capacity data is used to predict demand in a manner that works effectively even when prior year results become less representative.”

“Aruba Airport’s future looks bright and sunny,” states AUA Chief Commercial Officer Barbara Brown. “We will continue to strive for the creation of pleasant and authentic airport experiences for our airlines, our travelers, and our airport community in general, whilst doing this in an as sustainable manner as possible.”