Corona Virus (COVID-19)

What Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) is doing | Note from AAA CEO Joost Meijs

The rapidly changing information about the current worldwide COVID-19 outbreak on travel restrictions locally and abroad are understandably creating concerns amongst our travelers, airport stakeholders, airport community and our airport staff. As Aruba Airport’s operator and manager, AAA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, in further coordination and cooperation with the local Department of Public Health (DVG), the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Tourism, Health and Sports. We also listen carefully to any questions and concerns any of our travelers and other airport users may have and try to react hereto as swiftly and effectively as possible.

We want you to know that your health and safety are our priority. As such we would like to share the following updates which may further assist you in considering your next travel to and from Aruba whilst making use of our airport facilities or whilst managing your operation at our airport.

The cleanliness of our airport facilities is of the utmost importance to travelers and airport users and as such have always implemented all efforts in making sure that our terminal facilities are comfortable and clean. We realize that during these trying times this is even more important. Next to our daily cleaning procedures, we have increased cleaning frequencies in all public areas, and we have added additional sanitizer machines and soap dispensers in strategic areas. Our cleaning staff are also instructed to have more rigorous cleaning routines. Regular cleaning remains one of the most important preventive measures that can be taken. Basic health tips, in coordination with the DVG, are shared throughout the arrival and departure areas in order to ensure that all are duly aware and informed hereof whilst traveling through and using our facilities. AAA is also setting up a medical screening checkpoint, in coordination with the DVG on site at the airport.

We have also kept not only our airport stakeholders and community informed about preventive measures that can be taken to keep themselves and their staff safe and healthy by keeping them updated on the latest developments with the COVID-19 outbreak, but we have also made sure that our own staff is duly advised hereof. We’re encouraging not only our own sick team members to stay home but have also recommended that the employers within the airport community consider this same measure for their teams. Furthermore, we have also asked our own team not to go on a business trip to high-risk areas with a negative travel advice and to other destinations, only after discussing this with their manager and determine together what to do.  The same is recommended to our airport relations. Internally we have also set up a WhatsApp chat group which keeps our team informed of the latest developments on protective measures with relation to the outbreak.

Joost MeijsA dedicated team has been activated within AAA which has been monitoring the situation in real time and will proceed with preventive measures as deemed necessary. We will continue to activate all protocols defined by the World Health Organization, the Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Department of Public Health (DVG).

We greatly appreciate your continued support, patience and understanding whilst this situation evolves worldwide. We’re focused on making sure our airport operations and facilities continue to cater to the needs of our travelers, our airport users and our staff by providing a safe environment.

We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Joost Meijs
CEO Aruba Airport Authority N.V.