Increase in Airport Charges

To cover costs of the modernization and expansion of Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix:
Increase in Airport Charges for the airlines as of July 1, 2018
ORANJESTAD - During the past two years Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) has been working on an extensive due-diligence process for the modernization and expansion of Reina Beatrix International Airport; which is now referred to as the Gateway 2030 Project. 

As part of this process, the necessary financing, and subsequent recovery of the debt service were a critical consideration in the project’s planning. In order to properly fund the investments, it was determined that an increase in the airport’s rates and charges would be necessary. 
AAA held a number of consultation meetings over the past year with both local and international stakeholders, including the airlines and a team from IATA (International Air Transport Association), to discuss the increases and the merits of the investments. As a result of these discussions, the airport’s stakeholders and airlines are in full supportive of the Gateway 2030 Project and the costs involved with this project.

AAA’s airline customers, in collaboration with their industry trade group, IATA, have agreed to an increase in the passenger related airport charges to support the financing of the project. This increase will take effect on July 1st, 2018. AAA will implement the increase in two components of the current airport passenger related charges. This will result in an increase of the total current applicable airport fees for NON US bound flights with US$ 13.00 and US bound flights with US$ 15.00. These increases will be charged to the airlines and it is the airlines prerogative if/ and how they wish to recover these costs from passengers; which may vary by air carrier. It’s important to note, that this is the first increase in airport charges since 2003. The airport related charges for flights to the islands of Curacao and Bonaire will not be affected, and will remain unchanged. 
It has been further agreed with the airlines in a formal MOU that if the project costs are less than the forecasted budget, AAA will re-evaluate the applicable passenger related airport charges and lower these if so needed. 

The new rates have been duly benchmarked within the Caribbean region and even with these increased rates AAA’s charges would be within an average range for the region, and significantly lower compared to those airports in the region that also have US Customs pre-clearance facilities.


Pa cubri e costonan di modernisacion y expansion di Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix: 
Aumento di “Airport Charges” pa aerolineanan desde 1 di Juli 2018

ORANJESTAD – Durante e ultimo 2 añanan Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) tabata bastante ocupa cu e trabounan pa cuminsa cu e proceso di modernisacion y expansion di Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix; cu awe ta wordo referi na dje como e Proyecto Gateway 2030. 

Como parti di e proceso aki, e financiamento necesario y recuperacion subsecuente di e debe a wordo tuma den consideracion serio pa e planeamento di e proyecto. Pa por financia e inversion adecuadamente, a keda determina cu un aumento den Aeropuerto su tarifanan y cobransanan “Airport Charges” ta necesario. 
AAA a tene varios reunion di consulta den e aña tras di lomba cu tanto e stakeholdernan local y internacional, incluyendo e aerolineanan cu ta partner y tambe un ekipo di IATA (International Air Transport Association) pa discuti e aumentonan y tambe e motibonan di e inversionnan. 

Como resultado di e discusionnan aki, tur stakeholder di Aeropuerto y aerolinea envolvi a mustra nan sosten completo na e Proyecto Gateway 2030 y e costonan envolvi cu ne.  
AAA su aerolineanan partner, den colaboracion cu nan asociacion di industria, IATA, a bai di acuerdo cu un aumento den e costonan di pasahero relaciona cu aeropuerto (passenger related airport charges) pa sostene e financiamento di e proyecto. AAA lo implementa e aumento den 2 componente di e tarifanan actual di e airport passenger related charges. Esaki lo resulta den un aumento di e tarifanan actual pa buelonan NON US cu $13.- y buelonan US cu $15.-. E aumentonan aki lo wordo cobra na e aerolineanan y e ta keda na e aerolineanan si of con nan lo kier recobra e suma aki for di nan pasaheronan; cual lo varia pa cada aerolinea. E ta importante pa menciona, cu esaki ta e prome aumento den e cobransa di aeropuerto desde 2003. E tarifanan di cobransa pa Curacao y Bonaire no lo conose cambio, pues lo keda mescos. 

Adicionalmente a bai di acuerdo cu e aerolineanan den un MOU formal cu si e costonan di e proyecto ta menos di loke a premira den e budget, AAA lo re-evalua e tarifanan di e passenger related charges y baha nan si mester. 

E tarifanan nobo a wordo compara den e region di Caribe y asina mes cu e aumento e tarifa di AAA ta cai den e averahe pa e region y significadamente mas abou compara cu otro aeropuertonan den region cu tambe tin e facilidadnan di US Customs pre-clearance.

Increased Airport Charges